02 October 2017

SOCAR Midstream Operations Technical and Operation Department completed course of the Gas Flow Measurement

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2nd to 3rd October 2017, SOCAR Midstream Operations Technical Department representatives have successfully completed a 2-Day course on the Gas Flow Measurement organized by Emerson Process Management Aberdeen Solution Center. The training was conducted by Training Manager Jim Reekie, who has 35 years of experience in Measurement and Control systems at Emerson Company where EMERSON is a UKAS registered company accredited to ISO/IEC 17020:2012 for verification by audit of fluid (Liquid or Gas) technical & commercial oil & gas, environmental and general industrial metering systems and registered with BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

The course was addressed the concepts of custody transfer metering, principle of allocation in shared facilities, and the general operating principles of custody transfer instruments. Learning Outcomes on the EMERSON Gas Flow Measurement Courses Each SOCAR Midstream Operations delegate was achieved a detailed understanding of the following theoretical aspects:

  • The legal and commercial requirements for hydrocarbon gas metering;
  • Identifies organizations which issue relevant standards and specifies standards which apply to turbine meters, meter proving, orifice plate metering, sampling etc.
  • Appreciate design criteria and importance of accuracy in quantity and quality measurements;
  • Flow Meter Proving Detail: concept, operation and calculations for meter provers
  • Concept, operation and calculations for gas orifice plate meters
  • Verification Philosophy Methods of verifying Fiscal Metering Stations​;
  • Basics of measurement uncertainty;
  • Measurement concepts and types of error;
  • The full concepts, principles of operation and equipment used for typical gas metering systems, gas chromatographs, meter proving, sampling and analysis;
  • The full concepts, principle of operation and hardware used for typical flow computers, prover control microcomputers and supervisory systems;
  • Typical operations, control functions and record keeping requirements for hydrocarbon lgas metering systems.

Each SOCAR Midstream Operations delegate was issued with a certificate of attendance on completion of the course. Actually, Gas Flow Measurement should be carried out by highly specialized engineers. Initially, in the SOCAR Midstream Operations Technical Department, there was a great need for highly skilled and practically Gas Flow Measurement engineers. After professional certification, SOCAR Midstream Operations has acquired knowledge and experience to implement the Gas Flow Measurement function at the Midstream Metering Stations.​ The Course Advantages to your business include:

  • your technical team now have achieved skills to meet the needs of your operation for now and in the future;
  • you have demonstrated to your technical team that you value them enough to invest in them and improving loyalty.