Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP)

Gas Export Pipeline


The Trans Adriatic Pipeline project (“TAP”) is a greenfield development consisting of the design, construction, and operation of natural gas pipeline starting in Greece at the Greek-Turkish border connecting Trans Anatolian Pipeline (“TANAP”) crossing Greece, Albania and the Adriatic Sea and terminates in Italy connecting to natural gas network of Snam Rete Gas (“SRG”). TAP plays a key role in one of the strategic goals of the European Union’s – energy security and diversification of energy sources. TAP was selected as the shortest and most direct way to export gas from Azerbaijan to European markets. The Intergovernmental Agreement on TAP project was signed among Albania, Italy and Greece in February 2013.

Greece. The pipeline in Greece will be approximately 550 km long, starting at Kipoi near the Turkish-Greek border and finishing at the Greek border with Albania, south-west of Leropigi.

Albania. The pipeline in Albania will be approximately 215 km long, starting at Bilisht Qendër in the Korça region, on the border with Greece. TAP’s landfall in Albania will be located 17 km north-west of Fier, up to 400 metres inland from the shoreline. The offshore section in Albanian territorial waters will be about 60 km.

Adriatic Sea. TAP’s route across the Adriatic Sea will take the pipeline approximately 105 km along the seabed from the Albanian to the Italian coast.

Italy. TAP will make landfall in southern Italy, in Lecce, municipality of Melendugno, near San Foca. The offshore pipeline through Italian territorial waters will be about 45 km long while the onshore section will be approximately 8 km. The location was chosen after eleven alternative pipeline route assessments as the most feasible from environmental, safety and social perspectives.


BP20% SGC20%
Snam20% Fluxys19%
Enagas16% Axpo5%

Technical parametres

Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) is designed to transport SD2 gas from the Turkish-Greek border (TANAP system), via Greece and Albania and across the Adriatic Sea to Italy Gas system. The project comprises three more offtakes from TAP to other European countries as well. TAP is targeting to enhance and diversify the security of supply to Europe. The maximum pipeline elevation is 1,900 m above sea level.

The transportation capacity is designed to accommodate an expansion from 10 Bcma to 20 Bcma. Planned start of operation in 2020. TAP length is 878 km, onshore pipeline diameter is 48”, offshore pipeline (across Adriatic Sea) diameter is 36”. TAP facilities comprise four Compressor Stations, thirty Block Valve stations and two landfall Valve Stations.