25 November 2017

SOCAR Midstream Operations technical team visited TAP Greece construction sites

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Since 25.11.2017 to 01.12.2017 SOCAR Midstream Operations SMO technical team visited TAP Greece construction sites: Compressor Station GCS00, Meter Station, main pipeline construction sites, Komotini and Desfa offtakes in order to get familiar with activities, such as Front end and Back end, construction of above ground installations, Hydro test, Mechanical Completion and Commissioning works. The first visit was to GCS00 where the team evidenced significant progress on construction process. All compressors have been delivered to station in scheduled time and installed in place. TAP project team and contractors responded to all questions raised by SMO technical team in professional manner. It was stated that there was no delay on Compressor Station construction activities and that would be mechanically completed by 20th of 2018.

The next days SMO technical team got familiar with stripping of ground, line pipe stringing, trenching, main line pipe and joints welding, reinstatement works, field joint coating, HDD Horizontal Directional Drilling, pipeline lowering and backfilling, steep slopes construction activities along pipeline construction sites. All questions appeared during the visit were covered successfully by TAP project team and contractors. SMO technical team observed good level of HSE standards had been implemented along construction sites. At the end of visit there was a closing meeting between SMO technical team and TAP Greece project management in TAP Thessaloniki office. During the meeting the main discussions were around TAP Greece site visit observations and suggestions made by SMO technical team.