03 November 2017

Specialists of SOCAR Midstream Operations participated at " Basic Firefighting Techniques" training

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Specialists of SOCAR Midstream Operations LLC participated at "Basic Firefighting Techniques" training organized by SOCAR TRAINING, EDUCATION AND CERTIFICATION CENTRE, TRAINING CENTRE FOR LIFE SAFETY AT SEA on 01-03 November 2017. The training was held at a high level, and during the training, professionals were trained to use firefighting techniques, fire hazards, helping survivors, firefighters' personal protective clothing and equipment. In addition, the Training Instructor, who has more than 35 years of experience in

the Fire Protection Training Center, has provided to SMO specialist with theoretical and practical information on the proper assessment of the situation and the organization and management of the fire extinguishing depending on the situation.Within the framework of practical lessons, specialists have been trained in the Smoke Training Equipment in the Fire Training Polygon, evacuation of the victim and provision of initial First aid and extinguishing the fire at a high level. At the end of the course, the specialists have successfully passed the Test Exam organized by the Training Center and provided with the Certificates.