19 September 2017

19-20th September 2017 TAP Board of Directors Meeting and construction site visit

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On 19th September 2017 TAP AG have conducted Board of Directors Meeting in Thessaloniki (Greece) and SOCAR representatives participated at this meeting on behalf of 20% shareholding Azerbaijani company AzTAP GmbH (operated and managed by SOCAR Midstream Operations LLC). On 20th of September, after the TAP Board of Directors meeting several Shareholders’ representatives have participated at TAP construction site visit in Western Macedonia, Greece. The visit covered the section of the pipeline in the region of Pella and included a review of Right of Way, Automatic Welding and Lower-in operations.

In addition, a visit to a Cultural Heritage Site has been conducted. Cultural Heritage works in Greece are being done together with more than 500 archeologists from specific Dependent Regional Services of Ministry of Culture (Ephorates). Current Progress of construction of TAP in Greece is 52.8%, overall progress of TAP is almost reached 57%.