13 Mart 2018

Successful achievement. SMO became IPLOCA member.

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SOCAR Midstream Operations has set of strategies, a goals and vision of future company. Among those SMO is highly committed to achieve future world class Operator status, that requires applying of the best safety practices, establish operational excellence and drive continuous improvement processes. In order to be in line with major reputable associations, organizations actively involved in pipe-line construction and operational business, SMO keen to collaborate with major reference sources, such as International Pipeline and Offshore Contractors Association (IPLOCA), which internationally recognized organization among Pipe-Line Construction Industry.

Based on the latest intent of entire SOCAR to integrate into Europe market, SMO has decided to join IPLOCA as correspondence member as initial step. Obtaining of correspondence membership process were supported by number of supporting references from co-signers companies, and further final Board of Directors approval on March 13th, after Board of Directors review SMO became an official correspondence member of IPLOCA. Being member of IPLOCA would support SMO goal of to be on continuously improvement path, having access into latest international standards, share by best practices, lessons learned within pipeline construction arena.